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Alerts when something is off with intelligent notifications. HomeShield Plug looks for motion and listens for conspicuous sounds, like the shatter from a window breaking or unexpected movement. Another benefit of having a smarter and safer home, is if something is detected, it will instantly alert you so you can protect you, your family, guest, pets, and many more.

Explore Endless Capabilities.

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Adjusts everything in your house to your liking, and accommodates according to your presence. Once you leave your home, it will automatically-alarm, turn off lights and any fire hazards.

Picture this!

You are arriving home after a long day, the desired temperature has reached,  your dinner ready, your favorite music playing, and just the right lighting to greet you.

With our Smart Home Technology, you will enjoy the 21st century.

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Also Connects With

Amazon’s Echo, Philip’s Hue, Google’s Nest, IFFFT and many more.